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Joining the Athletics Club

After each RJT block is finished, there is a intake of RJT athletes into the main athletics club sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Our Coaching & Pathways Coordinator monitors the progress of all athletes in the RJT Club by attending both RJT sessions and competitions. Places at the main athletics club are offered when we feel that an athlete is at the right stage in their athletic development to progress to regular club level training and competition most weekends.

The minimum age for the main athletics club sessions is age 9, though typically athletes progress to the club from the age 10-12 RJT sessions.

As our RJT programme offers training for a wide age range across 3 stages, there is no set age for progression to the athletics club, as every child matures and develops at a different rate.

For children that are keen to progress to the athletics club, we would encourage them to compete regularly in our local club level competitions:

  • Livingston Open Cross Country Series (2 events, Saturday mornings, October - November)
  • Livingston Junior Grand Prix (6 events, Sunday mornings, March - September)
  • Livingston Open Meetings (5 events, Wednesday evenings, April - August)
  • Livingston Club T&F Championships (1 event, Sunday, September)

We would usually expect children to have competed in at least 4 of our 14 events per year before being considered for progression to the main athletics club.

At the main athletics club, parents are also required to volunteer at least three times per year at competitions to support the volunteer coaches and officials.

If you would like more information on joining the athletics club, please speak to the RJT coaches at the end of the block.

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