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Young Volunteer Awards 2019

 25 November 2019

The club's Young Volunteer Award programme is now in its fourth year, with 15 young athletes recognised at the Annual Awards earlier this month for over 800 hours of service.

This is an amazing contribution from the older athletes - who have helped at Holiday Camps, with Run, Jump & Throw coaching, and at club events - to the success of their club.

Certificates were presented to athletes who have reached 10, 25, 50, 100 and 250 hours of volunteer service, since we started recording young volunteer hours in Summer 2015.

10 Hours
  • Isla Calvert
  • Alastair Marshall
  • Zoe Dunn
  • Erin Cameron
25 Hours
  • Katie Craig
  • Fraser Morris
  • Lewis MacIver
  • Calum McLean
  • Nathan Campbell
50 Hours
  • Sarah Calvert
  • Rachel Gibb
100 Hours
  • Ricky Arthurs
  • Alix Fairley
  • Ally White
  • Angus McDonald
Many thanks to the athletes for their help during the season, and thanks also to all the other athletes who have helped but not reached either their next certificate level yet.